What is Wylde-Schooling?!?!

 Wylde-schooling to me is a philosphy or way of life. It is allowing our own inner guide to lead and point us in the right direction, keeping us on the path that keeps our hearts and souls truthful and happy. It is tuning in, being mindful, playful, and of course creative. It is allowing and loving our inner radiance to shine brightly. 

As a parent and an Educator I am always  looking to ways in which to engage and motivate our children to be independant free learners. I happen to truly believe that Nature can be our greatest teacher. 

"It is where the will of the child meets the will of the wild. It is rooted I think idea that there is that relationship....that underpins everything. It is about getting back in touch and inviting nature back into our lives" 

Nicolette Sowder - Founder of Wild Child


Traveling Wylde-Teachings; Bring Wylde-Schooling into your school

I am looking for some Teachers or program leaders to help me to pilot this program. If you wanting to incorporate something new into your programming I am eager to hear from you

 "Remember that testing, grades, homework and sedentary non-contextual education is all relatively new to the human experience and psyche. Standing up for a childs right to play, move, and commune with nature and direct their own learning doesn't mean you are anti-system, it means you still carry the wisdom of your ancestors within you." -     Nicolette`Sowder

As a mother of four and an Education Assistant by trade for over 15 years, I have seen first hand the effect Nature and being outside can have on a child. I can bring Wylde Schooling to you. Whether you're a homeschooling programmer, parent, child centre, or a teacher in the public or private system, why not incorporate Wylde Wednesdays or Forest Fridays into your everyday learning? It doesn't have to be all or nothing! It all starts with an information session and we can go from there. Various options and plans to choose from to best support your programming needs. There is something for every age and level. Incorporating literacy and  activities with outdoor play and mindfulness, it is forestry, Montessori, Reggio, and traditional methods combined into one. If you are interested in collaborating on this pilot project with me for the coming school year please message me directly to connect with me for a free information session.

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