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Sense of Wonder

 My love of all things nature based started at a young age. I believed (and still do) whole-heartedly in the fairy realm and used to make little islands for them out of moss, sticks twigs and anything else that tickled my fancy lying close by. This wonder and magic is what keeps me coming back into the wide open spaces. 

About Me


Take a nature lover and gardening enthusiast, mix in a little magic of the moon, fairy dust, a youthful heart, imagination and creativity, and you have me. I live my life according to the traditions and the magic of each season as it comes. As a mother of 4 girls I am often found planting seeds, tending to the flower beds, picking berries or creating masterpieces with my daughters. I am currently involved in learning more about the weeds in my garden. Dipping my feet into the world of Herbology. Connecting to the Earth is my sacred time, a time in which I carve out the space to be quiet and connect with my soul. Helping others create this connection and incorporate it into their everyday lives is the basis of my souls work. I am a certified Soul Coach and am in the process of getting certified in Eco Art.

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