Soul Coaching ® Classes

The Journey of the Soul

We are born human beings, but sometimes we turn into human doings. Quite often many of us loose ourselves in the cycle of everyday life. We tune out our instincts and forget to invest in ourselves. Feel caught up in the relentless cycle of wake, work, eat, sleep and repeat? There is meaning everywhere if we just pause to listen and open our eyes to see it. Take the journey to reconnect and hear your own souls truth.

"At the edge of the mind awaits the holy wilderness of the soul. It beckons you, like an ancient forest filled with vast mysteries and wonders. Soul Coaching® is a simple path of the heart to the temple that dwells at its depth".~ Denise  Linn 

What is Soul Coaching®?

This program was designed by coach and author Denise Linn. She created this course seeing There was a need for an everyday experience of spirit and a connection to the inner states of intuition, mystery, and wonder. Hence Soul Coaching® was born."-Denise Linn

 Soul Coaching® is not therapy. Therapy usually focuses on emotional healing. It's also different than life coaching, which usually focuses on the attainment of a goal through motivation or inspiration. The aim of Soul Coaching® is to align your inner spiritual life with your outer life.  It's a system that helps to clear away mental, emotional and physical clutter so you can hear the messages from within.  It also helps you discover your purpose so you can design a life that supports that mission.  There is so much to learn from soul coaching®, you will come away with such empowering tools to help you long after your class is finished. 

Co-create Your own Magical Unfolding

 Air, Water, Fire, and Earth. What magic happens when connecting to the elements. Healing unfolds in the most unexpected ways. There are many creative projects and imaginative techniques Soul coaches use to facilitate this peeling back or our outer layers. Anyone can do this course, and it works for everyone. You choose how much time you have to commit each day. No artistic talent, or pre requisites needed. It is impossible to fail at this. What magical discoveries will you unfold?

Soul Coaching Mini Sessions

Each month covers a different soul coaching® topic. 

Included for each session

- soul journey to uncover some hidden truths

-tea and snacks

-all art and project supplies

$65 personal investment per session.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card