Calling All Wylde Young Women!


"Where the will of the child meets the will of the wild. It is rooted in the idea that there is that relationship...that underpins everything, its about getting back in touch, and inviting Nature back into our lives" Nicolette Sowder

Teaching children Authenticity through nature and art.  Combining my Wylde-Crafting and EcoArt intermingled with my Soul Coach training these classes are truly unique. Teaching children to honour their authenticity.

 It has come to my attention through previous groups and connections there is a need to nurture and educate our young women. Looking back to my childhood I wish I had a like minded, safe circle of understanding friends to help me navigate through my childhood and adolescence. To Help me believe in myself and celebrate my unique spirit. As a mother of four daughters I see the need more than ever through their eyes to tame the inner mean girl and celebrate our authenticity. These monthly meetings are designed to do just that. Meeting will take place on Thursday evenings in my home in SE Calgary. To register please  e-mail me or send me a message via my facebook page.

Cultivating Connection

 During group sessions we will learn how to listen to the each other, honour our individuality, and get to know the Earth and her gifts. 

Nurturing Nature

 Just as seedlings growing in the ground. We learn to nurture, love and learn more about trusting our own guides and heart within. 

Utilize our Imaginations

 Let our wonder guide us in our creative expressions. Get still and honour our unique abilities and talents.  


Wylde Crafters, Ages 7-9


In this class we will learn about our gifts and talents. What truly makes us happy and where we want to focus our attention. What matters and what doesn't. This is all about self discovery.

Wylde Wonders, Ages 10-13


We will learn to utilize arts and crafts to express and heal. We will learn about empowering questions and how words are tools. We learn to listen more, about setting beautiful boundaries, and about loving ourselves

Wylde Young Women 14-16


Coming in fall 2019 This class if for loving ourselves fully, faults and all. For kicking out our inner mean girl and for navigating through change. We learn more about those boundaries and how to relate to others through our differences. And we will honour ourselves and each others individuality and strengths, and learn to love our weaknesses.  We will play, we will create, we will dance, we may even sing!

Personal Investment

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